DJ Dale - A Little About Me!

DJ Dale

About Me

History : I started collecting records with my brother when I was young, and spent much time hanging around the radio, listening to popular songs. After collecting for many years, some friends had an idea to have a community centre dance. We borrowed the necessary sound equipment, and found success in what we attempted to do.

As the years went on, all available money was saved to buy DJ Equipment. When we went to the 'DJ Store' to buy our first mixing board, the owner was aware of who we were, and offered us a job. I was amazed to be offered a professional DJ job at the age of 14. I performed at many weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and even nightclubs with one simple thought in mind...'I may be young, but as long as I know the music and can keep the crowd happy, then I am successful' I left that company after a few years, creating Dynamic Sound with my brother.

Goals : My mission has never changed. Know the music, read the crowd well, and listen to the crowd. We are the PartyStarters...The guests keep the party going. If I can learn a little something from every show, and find a way to be better every time, I will bring my clients the service they deserve at every event.

Professionalism and Fun together to make events that are elegant and memorable. 1000+ happy clients can't be wrong... EVERYONE DESERVES GREAT ENTERTAINMENT! Call me today!

Fun Facts

  • Favourite Movie: The Karate Kid
  • Favourite Food: Anything Chocolate!
  • Favourite TV Show: 24
  • Guilty Pleasures: 80's Coin Op Videogames, Eating Ice Cream In The Winter