DJ Soul Train -RJ- A Little About Me!

DJ Soul Train

About Me

History : As far back as I can remember, I have always loved music. Anything with a great beat!

I lived in Toronto, Ontario, until I moved to Windsor to study Engineering. Immersed in On Campus activities, i learned to appreciate many forms of music, and realized the importance of the person playing it.

Goals : The reason for Soul Train is simple. I never stop until you dance, and i will dance as well. I am very professional, but super fun as well. Let DJ Soul enter-Train you at your next event. Call me today!

Having a DJ that knows music wins for you every time.

Fun Facts

  • Favourite clothing style when not entertaining: Shorts in any weather and Sandals
  • Favourite Food: Maybe McDonalds Junior Chicken Sandwiches
  • Favourite Music to listen to : Soca
  • Guilty Pleasures: Dont Really have any. Enjoy Life!