Creating The Uplighting Experience!

Perfect Balance Of Colour

Creating Ambience For You

Uplighting creates an ambiance to reflect YOUR special evening. Whether it be romantic, elegant, or simple, uplighting can change the look and feel of the evening using an oasis of colour options. Your day is important! Add uplighting to one of our DJ Packages for the ultimate experience in light and sound.

Large Halls No Problem

Decorate with less...using Custom lighting

Take a hall that looks plain...Add light, and watch it come to life (well, it can't really come to life, but you get the idea). It can be simple, and even match your wedding colours. It creates a perfect backdrop for pictures as well.

Without Uplighting
With Uplighting

Essex Golf Course is known for its natural beauty, with some decor almost 100 years old. Our clients requested a way that they could modernize the look to make it more current. With the right furniture, draping, and lighting... The picture above is the result.

Something Different? No Problem!

Check Out our custom Fan Uplighting. Unique, Colourful, and ready to set you apart from everyone else! We can do it !

Multicoloured Uplighting

An amazing transformation...and the guests talked about it all night!

Contact one of our experts today to see how we can transform your special evening!