About Us - Why Hire The PartyStarters?

Best Equipment

Top Of The Line Equipment

All of our equipment is state of the art, and our employees are thoroughly trained on how to use them, while always having backup equipment for any event.

We Treat You The Way You Should Be Treated

No matter the size of event, every function is important to us! Clients should be more than just people, they should be involved (We want you to have fun). People remember the music!

The Moments That Matter

Over 30 Years Experience

Dynamic Sound has been in business for over 30 years, and is still one of the most referred companies to date. Great times call for great music...and you have found it right here!


We see your event through your eyes, and ask questions to create an experience that is focused around you!

Everyone's Involved


Our PartyStarters are passionate about music, performing, and creating a fun atmosphere for all of your guests!


The energy to create the perfect balance between professionalism and fun! If your guests came here to party, they came to the right place!.

You Should Call Them Today

Planning and Reliability

Stressed out or don't know where to start? Don't worry! Dynamic Sound is here to help. From interactive planning forms to unlimited consultations, we can provide useful tips to get you from dinner to party in the most efficient way possible. Kick off your shoes and relax...because its taken care of!

We Don't Overbook!

Only taking a few shows each week allows us to focus all our attention on each and every client! You are much more than just a number to us!

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You Don't Get Do-Overs : Work with our experts to create a great dance floor experience for your wedding, banquet, corporate function, school dance, or any other type of event!

Dynamic Sound's PartyStarters - Meet The Team!

DJ Dale
  • Dale Gadoury
  • DJ - PartyStarter - CEO
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DJ Chris
  • Chris Easby
  • DJ - PartyStarter - General Manager/Partner
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DJ Soul Train
  • DJ Soul Train - RJ
  • DJ - PartyStarter
  • Ambassador of Fun
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DJ Jeremie
  • DJ Jeremie
  • DJ - PartyStarter
  • Future Hall Of Famer!
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DJ Noah
  • DJ Noah
  • DJ - PartyStarter
  • Lighting and More
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Coming Soon
  • Coming Soon
  • Looking for a fun career...inquire today!

PartyStarter [par-tee-start-er] noun

a person who researches their crowd, and brings energy to energize their crowd. a person who realizes that their guests are the party, and going above and beyond to provide a musical journey of enjoyment that will bring success to any event!